Zighe Mwachofi


Owner of To Africa Tours and Safaris, I was born and raised in the Taita Hills area of Kenya.  I spent of my childhood close to the Kenya/Tanzania border, near Amboseli National Park and Tsavo National Park.  

During holidays, I regularly visited my grandparents’ ranch just outside Tsavo National Park.  There it was common to see a variety of wildlife, including elephant, zebra, giraffe and more.  It was at Tsavo National Park that I experienced my first safari excursion at the age of 9 years. This experience left and indelible mark in me and curiousity about wildlife.

Then, like today, the park is visited by travelers from all over the world.  Travelers in search of cultural experiences stop in at area villages and schools to meet the local people.  This cross-cultural exchange, which I experienced throughout my elementary and high school years, marked the beginning of my interest in tourism.

After high school, I attended Nairobi University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education.  I taught at a local high school for 2 years and then earned to study in the United States at Ohio University.  There I earned dual Masters’ degrees in International Affairs, African Studies and in Economics Development with an emphasis on Sub-Saharan African Countries.  

Seeking to remain involved in and to contribute to the economic development of Africa, I saw tourism as my opportunity to stay connected to Africa.  My career in travel formally began in 1990, when I opened Kenya Airway’s first office in the western United States in Beverly Hills, California.  Subsequently, I worked at African Travel and Somak Safaris as a Travel Planner consultant, planning and escorting trips to East and and Southern Africa. I have also in the positions of National Sales Director and Trade Relations Manager with South Africa Tourism based in Los Angeles and New York.

I traveled extensively throughout the countries of Eastern and Southern Africa during my tenure with Kenya Airways and as Trade Relations Manager with South Africa Toursim. My passion is sharing my firsthand knowledge of the safari destinations of East and Southern Africa; introducing travelers to the vibrant cultures, inspiring landscapes and unique wildlife.  Establishing To Africa Tours and Safaris represents the culmination of all my endeavors in the tourism industry to date. 

Email: zighe@toafricatours.com


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