BIO ::: Daniel Tanui


Daniel Tanui a Kenyan native; born of parents from the nomadic tribes of Maasai and Kalenjin. Daniel is equally comfortable in a Maasai red robe as he is in a business suit. He boasts of over 17 years of experience as a safari planner and escort into the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania.  He holds an Associate degree in Wildlife Management and Tour Guide from Utalii College in Nairobi, Kenya.  After graduating in 1990, Daniel went on to work with various Tour Operators in Kenya as safari planner and tour guide into the national parks of Kenya and Tanzania.

Over the years Daniel has led hundreds of safaris and became well known among the Kenya Tourism community and due to his exceptional abilities in detailed planning and implementation of tour programs he earned the respect of his fellow guides and in 1995 he was elected to the post of National Chairperson of Kenya Tourist Guide Association, a position he held until 2000.

During his time in Kenya, he built cross cultural bridges to bring support to rural Kenya by mobilizing friends in the USA to fund clean drinking water, building schools, provision of educational supplies school and also created Nomadic Children Scholarship Fund. Daniel involvement in such projects was inspired by the fact that he spent his childhood in a nomadic lifestyle, as his Maasai family moved from place to place in search of greener pastures for the cattle. Unlike most nomadic children, he was  lucky enough when he reached school going age, his parents enrolled him in a boarding school, however during school holidays he joined the family wherever they were as they moved around Maasailand.  His awareness of the challenges of providing education to nomadic children, Daniel made is it his mission to help educate nomadic children who are not as lucky as he was by creating Nomadic Children Scholarship Fund.

With his wealth of experience and knowledge of East Africa, Daniel is very passionate about safaris and he is always readily sharing his passion to potential safari goers.  He has earned a lot of praise from his clients in his 17 years of his career in Tourism of exceptional abilities in the detailed planning and implementation of tour programs. The one in particular that stands out most was from the head of school of The Langley School in Mclean, Virgin, USA in 2001..." thank you so much for your many efforts on behalf of the Langley families we were able to enjoy the people, the culture and the rich environment of your wonderful country. Without your help and organization, we would not have had the same experience.... needless to say managing the transportation, the itinerary, and the safety of over one hundred people was a huge responsibility .....because of this extraordinary trip, The Langley School is enjoying close relationship with Kenya""

Daniel would like you to join him with To Africa Tours and Safaris on a memorable safari of your lifetime. "Twende Africa" means Let go to Africa-- he looks forward to you being his guest in Africa.