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The Islands

Larger Islands
Is the largest island measuring 59 square miles and it is home to the capital, Victoria, the international airport, the fishing and commercial ports, most of the population and many resorts and hotels, plus four casinos.

Its powdery white, idyllic beaches, lush vegetation, plantations of coconut palms and cinnamon, rise to forested peaks with unequalled views of the neighboring islands.

Surrounded by coral reefs the clear, calm waters invite relaxation and many water sports. Although it is the nation's economic hub, it has retained all of its natural beauty and charm.

Many guests decide to stay at beautiful Beau Vallon Bay...but there is so much more to see and explore.

A number of excursions are available to mention a few:: the markets, the 100 year old Botanical Gardens (with giant land tortoises, coco-de-mer and orchids); the capital, Victoria, with its famous clock tower; the  National Museum dedicated to island history, folklore and music;  graceful colonial mansions and old plantations; and vibrant green jungles.

Praslin is the second largest island located 3 hours by boat or 15 minutes by air from Mahe. Praslin is famous also for its gorgeous pink granite, and you'll see many examples of it built into the local hotels and restaurants.  In its limited area, the richness and variety of plant and animal life is astounding. Coral reefs teeming with over 900 species of fish, living coral and jewel toned shells paint a living seascape.

Most of the interior is virgin forest and the exquisitely beautiful Vallee de Mai, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, is the only place where the coco-de-mer palm is found in the world.  The rare black parrot, Seychelles national bird, inhabits the Vallee de Mai, and if you're very, very fortunate you may catch a glimpse of this elusive creative, but, you'll certainly hear its shrill cry through the thick palm groves.

La Digue 
This stunning little island is probably the most photographed island in the world. It's 3 hours 15 minutes by schooner from Mahe and 30 minutes from Praslin, and is the breeding ground of the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher. The bird watching enthusiast can also spot the Chinese Bittern, Cave Swiftlet and Waxbill.

Ox carts are the primary means of transportation, which can take the guests past old plantation houses, a vanilla plantation, a copra factory and, of course, the incomparable beaches.  The beaches are protected by the surrounding coral reefs together with masses of pink granite rocks which glow red in the setting sun. These wild, deserted beaches are excellent for safe swimming, snorkeling and fishing. Ideal for walking, the island can be comfortably circumnavigated at a leisurely pace.


Smaller Islands
Located southwest of Desroches and the Amirantes, Alphonse is the base for two world-class fly fishing.  Five day and more fly fishing expeditions to Alphonse are extremely popular. 

Denis is a private coral island, 30 minutes by air from Mahe. The island offers privacy, peace and relaxation.   Denis is known for the excellent diving and, especially, fishing. Island boats offer daily game excursions and world record catches were recorded for dog tooth, bonito and tuna.  Marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, dorado and job also make the game fishing experience exciting.

Densely wooded with palms, the island's lagoon is surrounded by a wealth of coral. The reef drops sharply to depths of 15 - 30m allowing divers an unparalleled undersea adventure.  It is owned by the Seychelles Coconut Estates which also runs the hotel, the Denis Island Lodge.
Desroches is part of a huge lagoon that provides excellent diving conditions. It is the only outer island 50 minutes flight from Mahe. The only economically developed island in the Amirantes, it boasts both timber and coconut plantations and the copra produced here is said to be superior to any in the Seychelles archipelago. Guests come for bird watching, fishing, diving and as a base to explore the other Amirantes. The only accommodations are at the Desroches Island Lodge, voted the Seychelles 1996 Best Small Hotel.

Named after nesting frigate birds, Fregate is the most easterly and isolated of the granitic islands and is 25 minutes flight from Mahe.  The little island is covered with Takamaka, cashew and Indian almond trees and is home to the only several dozen remaining pairs of the Magpie Robin as well as the giant, flightless Tenebrionid Beetle. It is a walker's paradise with wooded trails through cashew thickets, bamboo glades, citrus and avocado plantations.

Guests enjoy swimming in coral reef protected waters, snorkeling, fishing and bird watching the nearly 50 interesting species.  The only resort on the island is Fregate Island Private.  Featured in the January, 2000 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine, visitors are giving Fregate rave reviews.

Famous for its variety of bird-life and this island is perfect for bird watching, swimming, snorkeling; Bird Island is situated 60 miles from the main island of Mahé. A 30 minute flight from Mahé by light aircraft gives the first stunning impressions of this tiny 170 acre coral cay. Shades of turquoise and blue warm Indian Ocean which defines the reef and continental shelf contrast vividly with the 5km of soft, white sand and tropical green island vegetation. The sight for the first time guest never forget.  Guests stay at Bird Island Lodge which is the only hotel on the island. Apart from the guests and staff, there are no other human inhabitants.


Silhouette is the third biggest granite island of the Seychelles. At night, the top of its mountain range shines like a ghostly pyramid in the moonlit sea. The almost circular island has one of the densest rain forests of the Indian Ocean.  The island is completely surrounded by a vast corral reef, and its crystal-clear water is ideal for diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing. The moderate Silhouette Island Lodge has 12 bungalows by the beach, just outside the main settlement of La Passe.

Two hours by boat from Mahe and only a few km off Praslin, Cousin.  The island is a private nature reserve, home to five of the Seychelles endemic birds as well as a variety of other endemic flora and fauna, and has the status of being the only island in the archipelago free of alien mammals. Cousine Island offers an exclusive island experience with complete privacy found in very few other places on earth.  Cousine Island Lodge has 4 super luxurious bungalows built in the French colonial style. Visitors are encouraged to participate in environmental and conservation activities.


The most northerly of the granitic islands and 2 hours by boat from Mahe (45 minutes from Praslin), Aride was purchased in 1973 by Christopher Cadbury (Cadbury Chocolates), President of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. It is a Special Reserve for seabird breeding and is home to the area's largest sea bird concentration with 10 breeding species. Frigate birds, Red-tailed Tropic birds and the world's largest colonies of Lesser Noddy and Roseate Terns are here, as well as the highest density of lizards anywhere on earth. There are several endemic species of flowers here and Aride is the only home of the magnificent Wright's Gardenia, or bois citron.

There are no accommodations.  Day trips are organized several times weekly and start with a nature walk through fully natural areas near the beach.
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The island lies on the west coast of Mahe, only 20 minutes by boat from the Seychelles Sheraton Hotel on Mahe. On the hilly Therese island is a wide, white, sandy beach. There are also other various little beaches with romantic rock formations. This privately owned island is also known for its tortoise colonies and interested rock pool formations.

Named for the ship whose captain discovered the island in 1768 Curieuse is less than 1 km north of Praslin.  Today covered in lush vegetation and huge takamaka trees, it once was covered with coco-de-mer palms. As a National Park it is home to common land birds and some seabirds.  There is a program in place to breed giant tortoises here for reintroduction to the granitic islands. There are no accommodations.  Day trips are organized several times weekly.

is located 4 km from La Digue and in close proxity to other La Digue satellites such as Sister Islands, Marianne and Ile Cocos. Excellent snorkeling opportunities invite exploration, but the primary attraction is the chance to rent one's own idyllic island escape, even for a few days.  Day trips are also available.


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